Group Profile :-

We are a family owned and operated company with 4 decades of commitment to providing services in packing and sealing solutions through diversified products aimed at the engineering industry. We have specialized ourselves since 1960, accumulating an extensive background in the packing and sealing, Jointing, PTFE products, handling corrosive fluids / media industry. Our focus lies in solving problems with engineered cost savings.

The Group is organized into three corporate entities - Mechanical Packing Industries Pvt. Ltd., Fluoropolymer Packings and Seals Private Ltd., Champion Jointings Ltd. Each company combined by a profound understanding of the markets, wide in-depth product ranges, their own manufacturing facilities, global sourcing and an advanced distribution concept which guarantees maximum supply reliability. The products manufactured by us are marketed under the brand name of Spitmaan and Champion.

Champion Jointings Pvt. Ltd. is one of the foremost specialists in Gasketing Materials. It has a variety of products, which are manufactured under strict quality management norms to meet International Quality Standards. The company has a coveted list of clients all over the world.

Mechanical Packing Industries Private Ltd. a trusted name in the Industry for Packings, Seals and PTFE products is a leader in sealing technology today and aims to provide its esteemed customers with unique, versatile and cost effective products. Their Research and Development facilities are devoted specially to the development of new products, testing and evaluating the performance of the existing products. The latest products introduced are PFA / FEP / MFA Lined Ball valves, Butterfly Valves, Plug valves, Check valves.

Fluoropolymer Packings and Seals Pvt. Ltd., the youngest member of the Group, is a leader in the supply of Lined Pipes and Fittings. Since the products manufactured by them are used by industries for handling of extremely hazardous and corrosive chemicals, Fluoropolymer ensures purity and superior quality of the product from the very beginning. The company has also received the ISO Certification. It is not only known for its superior quality of products but also for the fact that its products are eco friendly, economical and corrosion resistant.

At the Spitmaan Group you will receive a sincere long-term commitment to receive top quality products and services. The dedicated involvement that we possess, makes us a tough contender and helps us to provide customers with state of the art products that meet their expectations.

We are small enough to know our customers personally yet competitively skilled to provide quantity and quality for any size of order.

After 40 years of business we still believe that our success is an outcome of sheer dedication, hard work and a commitment to customer satisfaction.